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Embrace Your BRRRR Ambitions:

Foolproof Tactics for Real Estate Mastery
Posted by Coldwell Banker McMahan Co on March 11, 2024 in  uncategorized
Embarking on the journey of real estate investing using the BRRRR method—Buy, Rehab, Rent, Refinance, Repeat—demands not only financial acumen but also a keen understanding of various critical aspects. You, as an astute investor, must navigate through these elements with precision and strategy. Here, Coldwell Banker McMahan dives into the facets that will elevate your BRRRR ventures. Keeping a Finger on the Market's Pulse Understanding the real estate market is crucial. Dive deep into local tax rates ... read more
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Maximizing ROI

The Best Investments for Increasing Home Value
Posted by MOLLY J. McMAHAN on March 01, 2024 in  Selling
Regular renovations and home improvement projects are essential for ensuring the ongoing charm, safety, and functionality of your home. However, when it comes to value, not all projects are created equal. While that new swimming pool and elegant master bedroom expansion may seem like wonderful ideas for creating a dream home, history says that buyers are not willing to pay for them. Instead, stick with more meat-and-potatoes projects that increase durability and efficiency if you want more bang for your remodeling ... read more
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Living Together, Living Better

Secrets of a Multi-Generational Household
Posted by MOLLY J. McMAHAN on February 06, 2024 in  uncategorized
Image: Freepik The art of harmonizing a home shared by multiple generations lies in understanding and catering to the unique needs of each age group. This guide focuses on innovative strategies to create a living space that is both cohesive and comfortable for grandparents, parents, and children. Emphasizing personalized living areas, digital household management, and effective communication, the aim is to foster an environment that is as nurturing as it is efficient. Customizing Spaces for Generational Comf... read more
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Can Relocating Help With Grief?

Posted by MOLLY J. McMAHAN on January 31, 2024 in  uncategorized
Image via PexelsGrieving the loss of a loved one can sometimes linger, making us feel stagnant and wondering if we'll ever truly move on. For some, a change of scenery may be just the push you need to process your grief and get yourself back into the present. If your current location is filled with bittersweet memories and you're spending an inordinate amount of time managing your stress, moving to a new town can remove the constant reminder of their absence. To make this transition seamless, there are several fac... read more
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Making the Most of a Fresh Start: How to Start Over in a New City

Posted by MOLLY J. McMAHAN on December 04, 2023 in  uncategorized
Image via Pexels Moving to a new place can be both exhilarating and a little intimidating. Especially when coupled with the experience of a personal low, it can feel like your life is starting all over again. However, it’s important to stay positive and focus on the opportunities that come with moving to a new place. Here are some tips from real estate agency Coldwell Banker McMahan to help you better navigate the challenges of moving to a new city after experiencing a personal low. Remain Upbeat  One ... read more
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