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Can Relocating Help With Grief?

Posted: January 31, 2024 by MOLLY J. McMAHAN

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Grieving the loss of a loved one can sometimes linger, making us feel stagnant and wondering if we'll ever truly move on. For some, a change of scenery may be just the push you need to process your grief and get yourself back into the present. If your current location is filled with bittersweet memories and you're spending an inordinate amount of time managing your stress, moving to a new town can remove the constant reminder of their absence.

To make this transition seamless, there are several factors to consider; Coldwell Banker McMahan presents a few below.

Do You Need To Sell Your Home?

If you own your home, relocating will involve listing the house on the market. Although much of the labor can be shouldered by a good real estate agent from Coldwell Banker McMahan, to get the best return, you'll need to make some improvements.

             Check windows and screens. Repair any that have cracks or tears.

             Consider your plumbing. Fix leaky pipes or faucets.

             Repair your walls. Fill any holes and patch up any breaks in the drywall.

             Shampoo your carpets. Floors are often one of the first things buyers notice when they walk in.

             Consider painting. A fresh coat of paint can help update an older home.

             Check your landscaping. Be sure to take care of any weeds and trim overgrowth.

Minor repairs that bring a fresh look to your property will attract more buyers, helping you sell more easily. This will make your move less stressful and open the door to better options when choosing your new residence.

How Far Should You Go?

Where you relocate will be based on a number of factors. For some, a move might be necessary to get a fresh start. For others, a different subdivision or neighboring town could be enough. When deciding, consider the logistics of your life.

             Will you switch jobs?

             Do you have children in school?

             What ties and responsibilities do you have in your current community?

             Will you have a support system in the new location?

These considerations can help narrow down your search and lead to a more comfortable experience in your new community.

Sentimental Decisions

Although your move is intended to give you a fresh start, that doesn't mean you have to completely disengage from the memories of your loved one. If visiting their burial site is important to you, make sure you choose an area that allows you to do so often as you wish. If you've lost a live-in family member, choose items left behind that are sentimental, and donate the rest to the appropriate organizations. Helping others in need can be a nice tribute to your loved one. Although it can be hard to let anything go, try limiting yourself to items that truly have meaning and remind you of the connection you shared.

How To Get Started


If relocating sounds like the right decision to help you move on from your grief, the first step is identifying your new location. Once you have an area in mind, visit Coldwell Banker McMahan and find the home that's the right fit for the next chapter in your life.

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