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July Anniversaries

Congrats on another great year.
Posted by MOLLY McMAHAN on July 21, 2016 in  Recognition
This month we have 17 sales associates who are celebrating Anniversaries with Coldwell Banker McMahan!  18 Years- Jenny Dickson16 Years- Warren Nash14 Years- Mike, Marilyn and Hardin McLane13 years- Joy Hogan, Nancy Robertson and Michael Hoke9 years-  Tonya Jaggers and Jim Prince7 years-  Adam Wilson6 years- Melinda Duehmig4 years- Don Sebastian3 years-  Carol Greene and Connie Stafford2 years- Jay Stenzel1 year- Jeff Austerman Save... read more
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August Anniversaries

We are so glad these associates and staff are with us another year!
Posted by MOLLY McMAHAN on August 09, 2016 in  Recognition
In August we are celebrating 23 anniversaries with Coldwell Banker McMahan Co. between staff and sales associates:19 years- Staci O'Sullivan, Relocation Director18 years- Ann McDonald13 years- Fran Peters, Anthony Parks, Kathy Bragg, Kevin Farris and Teresa Davis11 years- Tamara Kade10 years- Michelle Rowland7 years-   Brad Hilton and Nancy Dawson (staff)5 years-   Brian Hatfield, Ana Hoyt, David Bingham, Ian Teal, Kerry Young, Maria Held-Biermann and Robert Bingham3 years-   Ethel Wis... read more
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September Anniversaries

Celebrating years of service!
Posted by MOLLY McMAHAN on September 13, 2016 in  Recognition
In September we are celebrating 13 associate anniversaries and 1 staff anniversary with Coldwell Banker McMahan Co.:16 years- Laura Lusch14 years- Daren Bailey12 years- Vince Vissing11 years- Lisa Ellington and Judy Luxon10 years- Mike Inman9 years-  Ann Curtis6 years-  Liz Robinson5 years-  Jody Long4 years-  Kiera Jaugen3 years-  Nathan Garrett2 years-  Jennifer Juett1 year-   Ashley Wiemerand Kay Schaftlein with our Southern Jefferson County Office is celebrating 13 years ... read more
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October Anniversaries

The Celebration Continues
Posted by MOLLY McMAHAN on November 10, 2016 in  Recognition
In October we celebrated 13 associate anniversaries and 1 staff anniversary with Coldwell Banker McMahan Co.:Sales Associates Celebrating are:Cindy Bryant with 1 yearGlenn Davis and Preston Richardson with 2 yearsJulie Knotts with 12yearsKen Ritter and Michelle Stigall with 13 yearsTrixy Crenshaw and Leondra Major with 14 yearsandAndy DeMuth with 19 years.Samantha Embry with our Etown office is celebrating 2 years back as Office Co-ordinator.October was also a huge month for Coldwell Banker McMahan as we celebrated... read more
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November Anniversaries

We are thankful for the following associates
Posted by MOLLY McMAHAN on November 15, 2016 in  Recognition
This November the following sales associates are celebrating anniversaries with Coldwell Banker McMahan this month!Kelley Nisbet, Ann McDonald and Karyn Keely are celebrating 18 yearsRobin Frazier is celebrating 16 yearsMargie Constantine, Nanci Habermel-Hoolihan and Trixy Crenshaw are celebrating 14 yearsDiana Tufaro is celebrating 9 yearsKitty Ritsert and Tammy Wiseman are celebrating 6 yearsAshley DeVault, Joshua McPheeters and Joy Murphy, Christiana and Jedediah Pfat are celebrating 2 yearsDonna Branchini is ce... read more
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