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100 Post Celebration!

Posted by MOLLY J. McMAHAN on March 08, 2013 in  uncategorized
Woo. Big Announcement...Changes to the blog. Way back in 2009, we started this blog as a place to direct agents interesting in joining the company.  After we posted everything we needed to post (at that time), we moved to using it to share pictures from events and awards, which lead to a significant decline in the number of posts. As we explore the ways we would like to move forward with our little spot on the web several ideas have surfaced.  Over the next several months we will be incorporating some of those i... read more
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Posted by MOLLY J. McMAHAN on November 02, 2010 in  uncategorized

Be the change you want to see in the world.



The darkest places in hell are reserved for those who maintain their neutrality in times of moral crisis.



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1921 Items!

Posted by MOLLY J. McMAHAN on March 09, 2011 in  uncategorized
One of the things I do as a part of my job is read blog posts and share all the goodies that the agents need to know.  Not many of them have the time (if they are actively working) to scan the internet learning what they need to know. I do it for them. And how! Stats from Google Reader: From your 105 subscriptions, over the last 30 days you read 1,921 items, clicked 90 items, starred 17 items, shared 0 items, and emailed 7 items. Since May 11, 2007 you have read a total of 88,522 items. ... read more
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20 Reasons to Join CBMC

Posted by MOLLY J. McMAHAN on May 19, 2009 in  uncategorized
National historical stability-100+ years Local historical stability-over  60 years Brand and Logo Awareness (over 90%) Nationally offices in 32 countries and territories, spanning 6 continents Local offices in Kentucky and Southern Indiana Two fully staffed relocation departments National public relations departement National advertising campaigns Lead generating promotions Electronic marketing FREE profile page on FREE branded email address FREE Flyer, brochure and ad Library Business ... read more
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2010 Awards Breakfast

Posted by MOLLY J. McMAHAN on February 23, 2010 in  uncategorized
Last Friday, Coldwell Banker McMahan Company held their annual awards event.  For the past two years we combined the yearly kick off meeting with the awards celebration and enjoyed breakfast together. Jerry McMahan Kicked off the Breakfast (From 2010-02-19) From 2010-02-19 Over the next several days, we will be posting the award recipients on this blog. Please check back to see how everyone did! For more images from the event 2010-02-19 For more information on award winners check out the... read more
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