Policy Gap Analysis

Policy Gap Analysis

We make it easy for you.

All we ask of you is to select the components you'd like to evaluate by simply choosing from one or more of the following.

  • Program Design - program structure, eligibility, tax methodology and more
  • Departure Residence Provisions - marketing assistance, home sale options and more
  • Transitional Assistance - house hunting, temporary living, acclimation assistance and more
  • Destination Resident Provisions - home purchase, cost-of-living differentials and more

We offer the following FREE services or informational packages:

  • City on a Disc area info on CD
  • Relocation and New Homes Magazines
  • Cost of living comparisons
  • Fact-finding on area schools
  • Customized area tours
  • Home purchase assistance
  • Mortgage and Title services
  • FREE market analysis on your home
  • "Top Block" service to help sell your home

Corporate Services

  • FREE Sample Relocation Policy Review
  • Customized Relocation Services for small corporations
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