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All Work and No Play…

Posted by MOLLY McMAHAN on October 25, 2010 in No Category
Doesn’t happen around here! Here are some pictures taken at a recent company event in Louisville… and Central Kentucky ... read more
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Media Lag

Posted by MOLLY McMAHAN on October 12, 2010 in No Category
Sunday morning I was leaving Thorton’s with an arm full of donuts for my Sunday School class when I spied the local paper.  My initial thought was “old news” and then I realized that it had only been about 14 hours…. (the date is 10-10-10) The whole front page was about the new Arena downtown as well as a special section inside.  A full 12 hours after I had seen a ton of pictures on my friends facebook page. and my son had a friend at the same event for workers of the arena who posted a video on ... read more
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Mercantile Lofts

Posted by MOLLY McMAHAN on October 04, 2010 in No Category
Last week one of our offices had a meeting in the lobby of Mercantile Lofts and then we had a quick agent open house of one of the units our company has listed. Yes, those blue leather chairs are so super cool,  and it isn’t because I am a closet Trekkie, they are high style AND comfortable.  Can’t beat that! Can I just tell you HOW much I love this place?  I can totally see myself hangin’ out in the library! I took a picture of this super cool industrial door on the wall, but I was so e... read more
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