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I Love My Job

Posted by MOLLY J. McMAHAN on July 29, 2010 in  uncategorized
Today. Honestly, I don’t say that every day, just ask my husband.  It isn’t easy keeping up with online trends for the real estate industry, especially the stuff my agents need to be aware of; need to participate or even know about. But today. Today rocked. We had a meeting to go over a new marketing/advertising plan for our sales associates.  The best part, I was watching the meeting, a lot of the people had this “Great, they are gonna tell us how much more we have to spend on A an... read more
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This Brings a Smile

Posted by MOLLY J. McMAHAN on July 23, 2010 in  uncategorized my cynical face! First: One of my agents got a facebook account today.  Do you see the year of her birth? 1924 people.  Ninteen Hundred and Twenty-Four! That just brings a huge smile to my face and this: Real Estate agent for 37 years. A christian 73 years, member ### Baptist Church. and persently serving the Lord as treasurer of ### Baptist. Have 3 beautiful children all serving the Lord and 4 grandchildren, 3 great grandchildren. Warms my heart! Now, If I could just get the 50 som... read more
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Incredible Branding

Posted by MOLLY J. McMAHAN on July 19, 2010 in  uncategorized
Last week I did a quick entry from my camera phone but the day has come. My baby is getting braces. We choose the “cool” place, where most everyone we know goes. It was easy choice for the kid, they have an “Ortho Taxi” that will pick you up from school.  It is a Hummer with an xbox inside.  Who cares if the school is RIGHT ACROSS the freekin’ street. Marketing, all marketing. And this is the kind of stuff that reeled me right on in. Look at the design.  Anyone that has this g... read more
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